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Leyla Cavanagh panics as Suzy makes drugs decision in Emmerdale

With Leyla relying on Suzy to provide her with the cocaine she craves, she was already worried over the repercussions of Suzy’s earlier revelation that she knew Moira Dingle’s (Natalie J Robb) late daughter Holly Barton.

Suzy was tormented by the realisation that she had given Holly money for drugs the very night that the younger woman died of a heroin overdose. The cash had been for cocaine, but Suzy couldn’t help but worry that what had happened might have been down to her.

Suzy therefore vowed to leave the village, telling girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) that she wanted to break up. Leyla was now intent on keeping Suzy close by for her own selfish reasons, and this spurred her on to intervene. She told Vanessa that Suzy’s connection to Holly had shaken her (leaving out the part about the drugs) and convinced Vanessa to fight for her new love.

Vanessa did exactly that, and Suzy eventually agreed to stick around and give their blossoming romance a chance.

But as they met in the Woolpack later, Leyla was deflated when Suzy informed her that she had made a big new decision: she was going to live a cleaner life from now on. This means no more wild nights out taking coke, which in Leyla’s eyes now leaves her with a big dilemma.

But will Leyla learn from Suzy’s sensible choice, or try to persuade her to continue supplying her with drugs? The wedding planner’s problems will only increase if she continues taking the dangerous substance…

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