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5 Emmerdale storylines that just don’t work

Emmerdale has a way of drawing viewers in and making them believe the most fantastical elements of most storylines.

So it’s a surprise that the soap that made us all believe in serial killer Meena Jutla, has failed to make us believe in any of these five storylines.

They just aren’t working – and Emmerdale needs to make it stop.

Al Chapman is fuming to find Cain Dingle has sabotaged his car again
Cain and Al are in another pointless feud, how fun Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

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Al and Cain

Make it stop – we beg you.

Cain Dingle is nothing more than an ageing thug with a hero complex – and Al Chapman is nothing more than a scam artist without a victim.

And yet we’re meant to care that these two dreadful people don’t like each other.

Newsflash – we don’t. End it.

Leyla on drugs

Of all the ridiculous storylines Emmerdale has subjected its fans to – this takes the biscuit.

For one wedding planner Leyla would absolutely be the type to start knocking back champagne in the afternoon as an emotional crutch.

She wouldn’t start counting out lines of drugs before Loose Women and Dickinson’s Real Deal.

And frankly it’s offensive that Emmerdale bosses are expecting us to swallow this nonsense.

Matthew and Isabel are back filming on Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
David and Victoria are barely in Emmerdale anymore (Credit: ITV)

David and Victoria

Obviously things off-screen affect things on-screen but this is becoming a joke now.

Love’s young dream have barely featured in the soap for months and it has to change.

They go missing for months at a time, despite having jobs and businesses to run.

Priya has little to offer the village except whining (Credit: ITV)
Priya has little to offer the village except whining (Credit: ITV)


What is Priya Sharma’s function in the village exactly?

She’s a well-educated, smart businesswoman who spends most of her time moping in the back bedroom of her dad’s house.

When the family had a business to run there was a reason Priya would stick around – but now it makes no sense.

She should be pursuing her career in a city, not slumming it in a village filled with murderers and ghosts of exes past.

Who would want to run a pub in a remote village? (Credit: ITV)

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Woolpack ownership battles

Let’s be clear – it’s a pub in a small village in the middle of nowhere.

It doesn’t have any awards for its food offering, it’s not got a nice beer garden to sit in, and frankly it doesn’t have a welcoming atmosphere.

And yet we’re expected to believe that everyone wants to own it.

Helicopters may crash into it, planes may fall out of the sky onto it, but let’s not go too far, eh?

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