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Emmerdale’s Priya left gobsmacked as Leyla fires her

Emmerdale’s Priya left gobsmacked as Leyla fires her

Emmerdale’s Priya Kotecha was in for a shock in today’s (August 1) episode as Leyla Cavanagh fired her from Take A Vow.

Leyla, who has been regularly abusing drugs, was annoyed with Priya when she went against her orders and helped Lydia Dingle with Kim Tate’s wedding.

Kim had fired Leyla and given Lydia the job of being her wedding planner, and that did not sit well with Leyla. So when Leyla discovered that Priya had helped Lydia she didn’t hesitate in firing her.

“You’re fired for gross misconduct, effective immediately,” she told a gobsmacked Priya, “I told you not to use the company credit card and I told you not to help Lydia with Kim’s wedding, but you did it anyway. It’s breach of contract.”

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When Priya pointed out that the pair are supposed to be friends, Leyla quipped that they are friends, because if they weren’t, she would have sued her instead.

Leyla then manipulated Lydia into giving the wedding planner job back to her, and even managed to get Will and Kim to sign off on it when the former witnessed the toll it was taking on Lydia.

Later on, when Leyla returned to the Take A Vow offices, she found Priya packing up. She rudely told Priya to leave as she had confidential calls to make, to which Priya asked why she was behaving in that way.

“Don’t twist things, you’re the one who let me down,” Leyla said.

To which Priya replied, “I brought a lot of businesses into this company.”

priya sharma, leyla cavanagh, emmerdale


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“You know, at least I didn’t lose the biggest client that we had. I didn’t fall out with Kim, Leyla, that was all you,” she then added.

She then proceeded to tell Leyla that she was full of herself and that she’s not as clever as she thinks she is. And when Leyla informed her that Kim gave the job back to her, Priya said, “Well, I hope you’ll be really happy in your ivory tower all alone.”

To which Leyla responded by saying that she will be, considering she’d “cut out all the dead weight”.

The episode came to a close with Priya storming out and Leyla ‘celebrating’ with a line of coke.

Now the question is, will Leyla and Priya be able to salvage their friendship?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV and streams on the ITV Hub.

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