Wedding Gown & Suit Rental

Espace Wedding 将顶级手造婚纱及晚装带来多伦多,并同时精心搜罗一系列欧美婚纱,更有中式手工裙褂及男士礼服,为您提供专业的一站式服务。

Bridal Makeup & Styling

大日子除了婚纱外,妆容及发型是最能展现新娘美貌的关键一环。 Espace Wedding 的资深化妆师,能为您打造适合您的新娘造型,让您在婚礼上尽显美态。

Photography & Videography

Espace Wedding 拒绝流水式作业,专业拍摄团队以多年丰富经验, 为每对新人量身订制只属于您们的婚礼摄影摄录,捕捉婚礼每幕真挚动人时刻。

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Espace Wedding 为 Ahlimosa Group 旗下最灸手可热的子公司之一。总部位于多伦多,迄今成立逾十年。 Espace Wedding婚纱摄影服务涵盖GTA地区,把摄影美学空运到各地。同时,开设婚纱礼服专门店及一站式轻婚礼服务专门店,是新人的婚礼品牌首选。

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享受每一刻与 ESPACE 团队一起策划婚礼都非常愉快!
Espace Wedding
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Darizi WeddingDarizi Wedding
23:06 14 May 22
Karen and her team are truly excellent. They planned our wedding party on returning from our wedding abroad (although they could have helped with that too!). They arranged catering, entertainment, drinks, flowers, decorations, transport, invites - actually everything!! They totally take away any stress and worries. I can't thank them enough for all their hard work, phone contact and late night emails. Our party was perfect - everything we wanted and I really liked that Karen stayed for the event. I would highly recommend Karen and the team to anyone.
Molly FungMolly Fung
20:29 14 May 22
From the very first moment I spoke to Karen I knew immediately that she was sharp, precise and listening to what I wanted. She made my vision come to life!! With her experience and expertise, she came with ideas and knowledge which turned our wedding from an average one into a perfect one! She’s on time, professional, lovely, hard-working and just generally amazing. Every single family member commented to me on how fabulous Karen was, and quite a few of my engaged friend have all requested her number as witnesses to her skills.THANK YOU KAREN!!!!!!!!!
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Espace Wedding将顶级手造婚纱及晚装带来多伦多,