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MSAD 58 recognizes Future of Maine scholarship recipient – Daily Bulldog

MSAD 58 recognizes Future of Maine scholarship recipient – Daily Bulldog

Future of Maine scholarship recipients and special guests.

SALEM — Twelve elementary school students from MSAD 58 were recognized at a dinner at Mount Abram High School last week.

This spring, students in the third and fourth grades across the district participated in the Future of Maine scholarship program, which encourages students to begin thinking about and working towards their adult education and careers at an early age. This is in partnership with Bob Stuart and the Maine College Circle.

Students are asked to research and write an essay about their chosen career, and consider ways they can begin preparing for that career while they are still in school.

Twelve students were awarded a $100 scholarship that can be put towards their college education or trade schooling, or towards something now that relates to that career. For instance, a student who wants to be an artist may choose to save the scholarship money for college or use it for art supplies or programs available now.

In addition, students are invited to a recognition dinner with a special guest: someone who works in their chosen field. Students get to have one-on-one conversations with their guest, learning more about the career they’ve chosen.

Kingfield Elementary School: Abby Demshar, business owner; Anna Swallow, musician; Corey Rother, nurse; and Emma Poulin, wedding planner.

Phillips Elementary School: Josie Johnson, artist; Trent Barker, police officer; Elliot Plog, historian; Emerson Plog, game warden; and Paisley Fredette, snowboarder.

Strong Elementary School: Hannah Fischer, nurse; Dorothy Kane, deep sea rescuer; and Taylor Edney, mechanic.

The district invited the following special guests: Aaron Knapp, financial advisor; Karen Beacham, clarinetist and music teacher; Wendy Pond, nurse; Julia Eggleston, wedding and event planner; Diana Thomas, artist and art teacher; David Davol, detective; Jim Logan, historian; Garrett Moody, game warden; Alex Tuttle, athlete and snow sports coach; Kenny Reindeau, diver; and Duke Bachelder, mechanic.

Josie Johnson and Paisley Fredette were unable to attend the celebration.

This event is not funded by MSAD 58; scholarships and the dinner are funded by outside donations. The program was started by elementary teachers who wanted to raise student aspirations. Students who have something they are working towards may have greater success in education, and the goal of this program is to demonstrate that it’s not too early to think of the future.

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