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Bride Calls Off Wedding Hearing What Fiance Told Her Daughter About Their Wedding Decor

This one bride made the drastic decision to cancel her wedding after her fiance showed his true colors when expressing his feelings about her daughter.

Later she went to Reddit and posted on the “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA) thread to share her story.

The bride’s fiance asked her to not include her daughter’s ideas in the wedding.

The woman wrote in her post that she is soon getting married to her fiance and that she has a 16-year-old daughter from a previous partner.

The bride mentioned that her daughter has recently developed a new hobby of paper origami and came up with the idea of making something for the table favors at the wedding.

As a mother, she wanted to let her daughter express her creativity and even bought her the necessary paper for the decorations.

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One day, when they were visiting the wedding venue, the bride’s daughter mentioned how she was looking forward to including her decorations at the wedding.

The woman and her friends thought it was a great idea, however, the fiance disliked it.

The woman wrote, “When we came back home, he expressed his concerns about what my daughter said, and said that it seemed ‘childish’ and that he wouldn’t have it [at] his wedding.”

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