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Maddison and Ish on their wedding in Siesta Key season 4 (Image via Insatgram/madissonhaus)

What time will Siesta Key Season 4 Episode 24 air? Release date, plot and more about MTV’s reality series

Episode 24 of Siesta Key is set to release on Thursday, May 26 at 9/8 c. With great wedding décor and lots of champagne pop-ups, the upcoming episode will cover the much-awaited wedding of Maddison and Ish, who is the producer of the show.

Moreover, the wedding will have all the Siesta Key friends under one roof, which makes it highly doubtful whether or not there will be any drama involved.

MTV’s Siesta Key season 4 features a young group of adults living on the beachside of the country. While they experience adulthood, they will also deal with many relationship problems and will ultimately figure out who they are as people and what they want to do in their lives.

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

“Juliette and Sam have to co-exist around each other’s new partners. Madisson and Ish get married, but the group can’t stay civil on their big day. The girls rally around Madisson after an unthinkable tragedy.”

What to expect from episode 24 of Siesta Key season 4?

Episode 24 titled ‘Tiny‘ will feature the heart-warming wedding of Maddison and Ish. The ceremony will summon their friends and family leading to a gala wedding. However, the biggest highlight of the event will be to see exes Sam and Julliet coming to the same occasion.

In a sneak-peek video of the upcoming episode, Julliet was seen bringing her new boyfriend, Clark, along with her. She also introduced him to her friends who seemed to have liked him a lot.

However, one of Julliet’s friends was quick enough to notify her that since it was a wedding, she must expect her ex, Sam, to also be present. She also expressed that she was concerned about Sam’s behavior on seeing Julliet with a new guy.

To this, Julliet took a very cool stance and expressed that she felt confident that nothing was going wrong, as people are always expected to be on their best behavior at a wedding.

On the other hand, to everyone’s surprise, Sam is all set to arrive at the wedding with a new girl, whose identity has not been revealed yet.

Nevertheless, the about-to-be married couple, Maddison and Ish, are pretty confident about their decision to say ‘I Do’ to each other. The episode will feature Maddison expressing how overwhelming she feels as she gets ready and that she does not feel nervous at all.

Moreover, the new bride will also receive love and care from her mother on her wedding day, as both of them will get a little emotional.

Viewers can watch episode 24 of Siesta Key season 4 on Thursday, May 26 at 9/8 c on MTV.

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