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Roundtable: Should work-from-home policies be required?

Roundtable: Should work-from-home policies be required?

(NewsNation) — Americans have fallen in love with working from home and want to make it permanent.

Nearly two-thirds of the country wants the government to require companies to have a work-from-home policy, according to a NewsNation/Decision Desk HQ poll released on Thursday.

Even more poll respondents would like employers to offer a work-from-home option as a way to protect them against skyrocketing gas prices.

The Rush Hour Roundtable will tackle this topic live in the player above around 6pm ET / 5pm CT. Have something you would like to say? Leave a message in the form below to submit it to our producers.

This comes at a pivotal moment for the nation’s pocketbooks and workplaces. American don’t see any relief in sight for gas prices; they expect them to be even more expensive six months from now, according to the NewsNation poll.

At the same time, employers ranging from Goldman Sachs to Telsa have pushed back against the work-from-home culture.

However, 76 percent of voters think they work just as well or better in a work-from-home environment, according to the NewsNation poll. 

“I think companies should do incentives, and provide maybe a little gas money for employees, during this time,” Abby Harkins, a 27-year-old wedding planner from San Francisco, said Monday. Her employer requires her to be in office and she has to attend all the weddings she plans.

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