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Wedding Suppliers Share The Most Outrageous Things They've Witnessed On The Job

Wedding Suppliers Share The Most Outrageous Things They’ve Witnessed On The Job

Weddings are a time of high emotion and often, high quantities of booze. The result? Some outrageous behaviour displayed by newlyweds, bridesmaids, groomsmen or guests – and wedding suppliers get a front row seat.

The photographers, cake-makers, co-ordinators, decorators and dressmakers of the industry have seen it all over the years. And as another wedding season comes to a close, we’ve asked them to spill the tea and share their most memorable anecdotes.

The one with the disappearing groom

“The groom kept disappearing throughout the wedding day. The bride’s dad had a go at him and thought he was sneaking off to drink, but he was actually having an affair and was sneaking off to call his girlfriend! The newly-married couple split up within a few weeks. Very sad!” – Anon photographer, South West England

A flying cake and trouser-less groomsmen

“A groom dropped the wedding cake whilst carrying it into a venue. Thankfully the bride was also the cake-maker and managed to fix it before the first dance!

“At another wedding, I was taking photographs of the bridal party and the boys all dropped trousers – much to mother of the bride’s amusement!” – Stephanie Cronin, Summers Photography, Berkshire.

Double deceit with a pooy end

“At one wedding we had been booked for our professional childcare services and when my team arrived at the wedding venue, we noticed lots of whispering amongst the guests going on and a very awkward tension in the air. We later found out that the night before the groom had had an interlude with the bridesmaid… the bride was made aware and the wedding continued as normal!

“I also remember the eco wedding. It was in the countryside. Giant Teepees erected, one for the kids and a giant one for the wedding, all was good and the kids were loving it and having a great time and soon all off to sleep. Our company were were offered lovely food – a delicious curry followed by choc mousse. Then we needed the toilet and after following the signs and a floral pathway, I came to compost toilets with sawdust and a little shovel to cover the inevitable!!” – Stephanie Wallis, founder of Safe and Sound Event Childcare, Hertfordshire.

Some NSFW wedding rings

“One couple went for plain wedding rings and she had “CU*T” engraved on the inside of her wedding band and he had “CO*K” engraved on his. They were very quiet and well behaved people so it seemed a bit out of character. But then they said it was because they had a pact that they wanted to shock their grandchildren one day and thought this would be a good way to do it…when they inherit the rings!” – Harriet Kelsall, from Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery, Hertfordshire, Cambridge and London.

A red wine disaster

“I was saw a bride getting so drunk on red wine she was sick all over the dance floor in front of everyone during the first dance, including her own children. She had to be taken home in a taxi!” – Anon photographer, South West England

The (very messy) snow angel

“It was getting towards the end of the night and my team and I were looking for the bride so the newly-married couple could enjoy the last song. When I opened the door of the kids room, I was met with a tidal wave of what looked like snow?! When I stepped into the room, I couldn’t believe my eyes – the entire floor of the room was thickly covered in small, white polystyrene balls – the contents of the giant bean bags! Low and behold, I found the bride lying down in the centre of the room, making snow angels, laughing to her hearts content.

“As funny as it was at the time, it then took over three hours to clear up after everyone had left…” – Melanie Helen, wedding planner at Cranberry Blue London.

Are you a wedding supplier with an outrageous story to tell? Email and we may add your tale to this article.

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