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Here are some wedding decor cliches you must avoid for a great ceremony

Here are some wedding decor cliches you must avoid for a great ceremony

We all want to fulfil the fantasy of a perfect wedding that we always dream of! And for that we all have a gallery filled with those saved dreamy Pinterest inspired pictures. Isn’t it? While a lot of décor ideas look cool in the pictures, they don’t look that great in reality. And some of them are just categorised in the outdated lane that can only wreak the space for your dreamy ‘I do.’ Steer clear of these wedding décor clichés to avoid your wedding venue looking messy.

Here is a list of some wedding decor bummers you must avoid for a great ceremony:

1. All that similar

Just imagine a place that has similar tones or similar elements throughout the space! Well, a streak of the monotonous, dull and boring venue is simply something no bride and groom would ever want! Not only does it gives a chance to your guest to back-bitch but it also makes the venue look awful while disrupting your pictures and the most important day of your life. Fret not, instead of going with all matchy-matchy, complement your décor with mixed elements. This does not mean that you go all overboard! 2-3 accents throughout the whole venue are the right way to go.

2. Too much foliage

While the touch of foliage has recently got all the eyes in the wedding venue, overdoing it beyond the limit will only create visual clutter while creating décor destruction. You can mishmash it with neutral-toned floras for a better-adjoined look. Also, if your entrance has too much greenery, don’t leave it as it is, pair it well with elements that enhance the appearance, like fairy lights.

Too much foliage

3. Not going with the season

The seasonal touch in your wedding décor is bliss to the eyes! Just like you choose the colour of your outfit as per the season, the colours to be used on your wedding décor should pair well with the season you are planning to say “I do.” Say, if want to go ahead with pink, a soft hue is good for spring, while a brighter version of this shade can be utilised during summertime. A fuchsia pink can blend well during the season of fall while mauve touch will look pretty on wintry days. A colour palette that defines accent will save you from the tackiness and fill your joyous moments with delight.

4. The more, the better approach

A lot of people follow that the more, the better approach! But let us tell you that just like too few shades, the venue will look boring, similarly, too many shades, colours, flowers or even elements in the same place seem disjointed. Instead of doing this, you can pick two colours or similar artefacts and complement them with a metallic one to ensure your whole décor looks coordinated.

The more, the better approach

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