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Bride Details 9 Things She Regrets About Her Wedding

Weddings are widely considered to be the best day of your life, but for one woman on TikTok, some things could have gone better.

In fact, it seems like she has a lot she didn’t like about her wedding day as she describes what went wrong in a series of videos on TikTok.

Here are 9 things the bride regretted about her wedding.

The TikToker mentioned that she recently got married but there are some things she wished could have turned out to be different on the wedding day.

1. “I regret having my bridesmaid stand behind me during the ceremony.”

The bride mentioned how she would have wanted all of her bridesmaids to stand behind the groom.

She mentioned that at the end of the ceremony when she turned around to fix her dress, seeing the bridesmaids in front of her would have been nice for encouragement during the ceremony.

2. “Not scheduling more time into my timeline for the day to get ready.”

The bride said that she wished she had more time to get her hair and makeup done and change into her dress. 

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She said, “I just felt a little bit rushed and the second my dress was on, I just felt like the whole day went so quickly.”

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