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After-Party Edibles And Rolling Stations: Cannabis Is The Trendy New Guest At Weddings

After-Party Edibles And Rolling Stations: Cannabis Is The Trendy New Guest At Weddings

After-Party Edibles And Rolling Stations: Cannabis Is The Trendy New Guest At Weddings
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Cannabis is everywhere these days, from sparkling waters to lubricants for sex. It’s even found its place in the one space you might have once considered it taboo to show up — weddings.

Draymond Green‘s recent wedding in San Diego, which made headlines for its guests and extravagance, also made some headlines for having a blunt rolling station. There, attendees could enjoy three different themed marijuana cigars made from different strains: the Happily Ever After, Hazel Haze and the All Day Day. Someone from the California-based brand behind the blunts, Green Label RX, was there rolling up each kind for guests.

And while interviewing a couple about their upcoming nuptials recently, they told me they too would have a station where guests could roll up, with a customized strain of cannabis brought to them by the weed enthusiast groom.

And there’s even an annual cannabis wedding expo. The CWE, which began in Denver, now tours the country, including California and New York, connecting cannabis lovers with those looking to supply weed-friendly weddings. Vendors sell everything from marijuana bud and plant arrangements to bud vases, THC-infused cakes and more.

Whether couples are being discreet about how they’re making it a part of their day or literally having blunt rolling stations, cannabis is making its mark at weddings. According to an expert, a part of that is because couples in the Covid era are worried less about pleasing others and more about making sure their wedding day truly showcases who they are and the things they like.

“The trend right now is all things personalized and all about the couple,” says wedding planner Adaeze Ojeh-Teme, the owner of creative event planning and design firm Cherish August. “Gone are the cookie-cutter weddings. Couples are being intentional about all things bespoke. The last two years especially have given couples an opportunity to reflect on what is important to them.”

She says people have bigger visions for their wedding day than before, incorporating plenty of color and personality.

“[They’re] focusing on the guest experience that includes incorporating the couple’s real life into weddings. Real life, for some, includes cannabis,” she adds. “So it makes sense for some couples to incorporate cannabis into their big day in things like weed lounges, a cannabis bar, and after-party edibles. As cannabis is somewhat mainstream and is less stigmatized in our society and reflecting on the awakening of the last few years, couples are living out their truth to the fullest and in every way they can.” 

Cherish August, which is based in Miami, seeks to accommodate those who want to make cannabis a part of their nuptials. But Ojeh-Teme believes in making sure it’s incorporated in a way that is also thoughtful to guests who may not be so comfortable with it.

“Cannabis is not something I use, but I respect people’s choice to exercise their identity to the fullest, as long as it does not hurt others. After all, the guest experience is for guests and the reason we have weddings is not for us, but for those we love and love us the most,” she says. “If grandma does not want to smell like weed, grandma should not be forced to. So if cannabis is important to the couple, I work with them to create a designated area, a cannabis lounge, for those that want to partake without alienating those that may have health conditions or convictions around cannabis. This way, everyone is happy.”

For bride and grooms interested in going this route, they must know their surroundings. Literally. While medicinal use of marijuana is more acceptable in the U.S., recreational marijuana use for adults is not legal in most states. Also, it is good to keep in mind the kinds of guests you’re inviting and that they’re aware of how cannabis will be distributed, especially in the case of edibles. But as cannabis at weddings becomes less and less unconventional, don’t be surprised by what you find at ceremonies around the country this year and onward. With that being said, have an open mind, even if you choose to say “I don’t” to what’s being offered.

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