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4 Creative ways to display wedding keepsakes at home

4 Creative ways to display wedding keepsakes at home

Your D- Day will provide you with some of the most memorable moments and times of your life. However wonderful your wedding day may be, it will only endure for a little while. The recollections and experiences you and your spouse will create that day will stay eternally. Wedding mementos come with pleasant stories related to you and your wedding partner and hold a very special place in our hearts and dwellings!

Below, we’ve put up 4 creative ideas for displaying wedding mementos at home so you can be surrounded by the lovely memories of your special day.

wedding invitation

1. Frame your wedding invitation

Although there are several ways to seal your invitation, this is only one method of keeping your wedding invitation safe. The simplest solution is to frame your invitation. You have the option of framing the invitation yourself or hiring a pro to do it for you. 


2. Use a centerpiece to preserve memories

For wedding decor at home, many brides may spend weeks gathering enough pots or lanterns for centerpieces and for decor purpose. Keep a portion of your stockpile for yourself after the big event! To make a sweet showpiece for your coffee table or to set on a shelf or windowsill in your living room, you may put your favourite wedding picture inside a glass jar or small container! 

3. Use a keepsake box

You want to save all of the little trinkets from your wedding because they serve as memories. Kaleeras, choodas, cufflinks, and other thoughtful elements are more difficult to display.  Make use of a keepsake box to store the same. Your preferred wedding photograph can be printed on the hardwood lid of this unique box to create a wedding souvenir box that is purely you.

wedding photo collage

4. Make use of a photo collage

Creating bespoke photo frames from your memories is a wonderful way to relive those moments. These images of your nuptials should be as apparent in the outside world as they are in your heart. You should pick the wedding pictures that best convey the mood of the occasion, such as the ceremony, the gathering, and the decor. Make a photo frame out of these beauitful memories and hang it in your bedroom.

With the help of these creative ways, you may attractively exhibit these memoirs in your home.

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