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17 Wedding Dessert Table Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

17 Wedding Dessert Table Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests


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Let’s be honest: one of the best parts about any wedding is the food—particularly, the dessert. And while traditional wedding cakes are still popular options for many couples, dessert tables featuring cupcakes, cookies, donuts, and more have gained serious traction in recent years. After all, the only thing better than one kind of sweet is several, and with a desserts bar you get to showcase all your favorite goodies in a gorgeous display that matches the vibe of your wedding.

“Adorning your dessert table with decor and floral installations can be a lovely way to elevate your overall reception space,” says wedding expert Becca Atchison. “When you incorporate your dessert table into the overall design plan, it lends itself to a more cohesive look and beautiful focal point for the space. ”

If you’re considering featuring a dessert table at your venue, we’ve rounded up the best decor ideas to make your big day as sweet as can be.

Read on for the best dessert table decor.

Calculs “How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You” Wedding Sign



An elegant and romantic addition to any dessert table, this acrylic sign fittingly reads “How sweet it is to be loved by you” in pretty calligraphy text.  It comes with nails for standing and rope for hanging—two great options for displaying it alongside whatever sweet treats you choose.

A Wild Bloom Printables Cupcake Menu Sign



For couples who plan to feature cupcakes on their dessert table, this printable menu sign from Etsy is a must-have. Tell guests all about the delicious cupcakes they can choose from, and customize the wording, fonts, and colors however you wish. Even more, it’ll be sent to you in both vertical and horizontal PDFs, so the display process is as easy as possible.

ZAFUU 3 Tier Tempered Glass Display Stands



These square display stands come in three different sizes and heights to create a waterfall effect on your table. You can purchase them in either clear or black glass (for an additional price), so you’ll be sure they fit in with the overall look of your wedding decor. Use them to display cupcakes, cakes, pastries, and so much more. Best of all, there’s minimal assembly required to set them up.

Calligraphy By Deanna Dessert Bar Cards



If your dessert table is going to be filled with several different types of sweets, you’ll want an easy way to label everything. These pretty cards come in sets of five, 10, or 20, and can be customized in an array of fonts and colors to fit your menu.

All Custom Gifts Square Wedding Cupcake Tower



If you’re serving cupcakes at your wedding, this stunning tiered tower will give them the eye-catching display they deserve. It’s lightweight, durable, and adjustable, so you can use only as many tiers as needed for the number of treats you’re putting out for guests. And if cupcakes aren’t your thing, brownies, cookies—or even a small wedding cake on the top layer!—can be featured instead. With this tower, the options are limitless!

1801 and Co. Acrylic Dessert Bar Table Sign



Love all things acrylic? Check out this cool sign that points guests to their destination in bold script. Choose from three different sizes to fit your table design, and take comfort in knowing that the sign is both weather-proof and scratch-proof, so it can be used both indoors or outdoors. It’s heavy enough to stand on its own, too, but it can also be placed in an easel or frame if you prefer having some additional decor.

Timber Tree Wood Cake Stand



This gorgeous wooden round stand is technically meant for cakes, but it can be used just as well to display cupcakes, donuts, or other sweet treats. It’s lightweight, portable, and comes with durable metal legs that can handle even the heaviest desserts. With a sleek, yet handmade look, it’ll make a great addition to any event, but if your wedding has a rustic or farmhouse vibe, this is the stand for you.

Red Heart Creations “Treat Yo Self” Sign



It wouldn’t be a dessert bar without a “Treat Yo Self” sign, would it? This thick, hand-stained sign features the classic phrase written in a modern calligraphy font. Purchase it on its own as a self-standing sign, or opt for slightly pricer versions that feature twine or white ribbon hangers. Place it right on your dessert table to encourage guests to enjoy themselves as much as they want.

Qttier “Love Is Sweet” Gold Glitter Banner



Keep it short and sweet! This simple glitter banner is perfect for a dessert table. It’s nearly 10 feet long and over three feet wide, so it’ll take up plenty of space and easily catch your guests’ attention. At a great budget price, it won’t break the bank, too.

D and J LollipopStands Donut Bar Holders



This clever donut stand hold approximately 10 donuts each, but it’s easy to mix and match the pole sizes for a more funky look. They’re made from pine and birch wood and come in multiple colors and design options—ranging from mahogany to metallic silver to yellow—so you’ll be sure that they match your wedding’s color scheme.

Darling Doodle Co S’mores Bar Acrylic Wedding Sign



There’s nothing like a good old s’mores bar, and this fun sign will let your guests know exactly what they’re getting from your dessert table. Choose from two sizes and six color options for the lettering and add on a stand for an additional cost if you don’t want to frame the sign yourself.

Vdomus Acrylic 4-Tier Pastry Display Stand



How cool is this over-the-top acrylic pastry stand? Featuring four tiers, it displays up to 52 pieces (or up to 12 pounds) of sweets. Each tier is removable, so you can adjust the display as needed. If you’re not into the square look, you can opt instead for a round design (or for five tiers rather than four) for an additional cost. Whichever option you choose, you’re guaranteed to make a statement with one of these unique stands.

Big Dot of Happiness Centerpiece Sticks



These black and white centerpiece sticks reading “Mr. & Mrs.” and “Better Together” come in a pack of 15 and three different shapes: hearts, rings, and circles. Dowel rods are included, so it’s easy to set up up—simply attach the cards to cake tops, jars, vases, or anything else displayed on your dessert table.

Mink and Maple Custom Candy Dish



For couples who love candy, this adorable custom dish will give your dessert table a huge burst of color and fun. Personalize it with your new shared last name or your initials, and pick from a script or black lettering for the font. As for color, that’s where the candy comes in! Just choose sweets in whatever color scheme you want, and you’ll have the vibrant dish of your dreams.

Ginger Ray “YAY!” Pink Donut Wall



Another decor option for donut-based dessert tables, this colorful pink donut wall is sure to make a big impression. The three letters can hold up to 17 donuts altogether, and at over nine inches wide and nearly 16 inches tall, it’s large enough to catch the eyes of all your hungry guests. Everyone will be saying “yay!” after seeing this display.

Nangopop Cake Pop Stand Display Holder



Going for cake pops? You’ll want to pick up this helpful display holder that fits up to 17 cake pops on three white wooden tiers. It’s collapsible and requires very little assembly, so you (or your planner) don’t have to waste time on your big day getting it in order. Just grab some cake pops and enjoy how cute they look when showcased together in this stand!

Blush Hydrangeas Personalized Paper Dessert Labels



Keep the table’s array of delicious sweets organized with this collection of paper flags. They hat can be customized with the names and flavors of various goodies—you can even fit whole phrases on them if you’d like! Choose from several elegant fonts and colors to make the labels feel even more special, and prepare for your guests to be delighted by all the many options before them.

What to look for in wedding dessert table decor

Consider your wedding theme

The most important thing to consider when shopping for dessert table decor is the overall tone of your wedding—since it will be a focal point of your reception, you’ll want it to fit in with its surroundings. “A dessert table certainly does not need to be overly dramatic and it’s important to keep the overall aesthetic consistent with the rest of the wedding,” says Atchison.If your venue has a rustic vibe, go for a similar look in your dessert table decor, and the same goes if it’s more minimalist, floral, vibrant, or whatever else.”


    • One option is to incorporate sentimental family items, says Atchison. “Showcase personal mementos like photographs, or heirloom items such as china or serving knives that have been passed down for generations,” she notes.

      Another choice is to make the table feel more like an art piece than a display area. “We love using the cake table for a stellar floral installation, such as a cascading arrangement with an abundance of taper candles,” Atchison says. “It can also be interesting to abandon the traditional concept of the ‘table’ and suspend the cake from the ceiling as its own installation.”

    • “For simpler, rustic, minimalist styles, a well-chosen linen or tabletop texture may be all it takes to add just the right amount of visual interest,” says Atchison. “Be thoughtful about where the cake is positioned and what background will be present in any photos. We love a coastal or mountain view behind a dessert display for a destination wedding.”


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