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Check Out These Ways To Make Your Wedding Mandap Unique! -

Check Out These Ways To Make Your Wedding Mandap Unique! –

What’s popular these days? How can it be made to fit in with the overall theme? Is it better to use flowers or fairy lights? We believe you will be perplexed while choosing your wedding mandap decorating, and these questions will undoubtedly arise in your thoughts when you make your decision.

From the mandap to the aisle, it is critical to add a personal touch to every aspect of your wedding décor in order to capture those Instagram-worthy moments and create lasting memories. While you have a lot on your plate, we’re here to save you the bother of picking who will be the big attraction at your wedding (mandap). Here’s how to make your mandap seem gorgeous and distinctive.

Backdrops are really popular these days! They not only make your décor pop, but they also appear enchanting. If you want your décor and mandap to have a contemporary feel, choose a bold backdrop with a personalised message or your name’s initials and keep the rest of the mandap simple or subtle.

A lot of things in one spot might seem cluttered and distracting, or it can make your mandap look unappealing. Focus on one piece and attempt to merge it with the rest of the décor and color scheme to make your wedding mandap lovely!

  • Danglers draw attention to certain details

Going a little beyond by accentuating the whole appearance with the lovely danglers is another way to make your visitors fall in love. This style is just as popular as chandelier mandaps, which adorn the mandap’s roof. This beauty will never let you down. Furthermore, you may coordinate the colour of the danglers with your attire to create a uniform effect. Whites and reds are constantly in style and look quite elegant. Kaleere or even simply a strand of your favorite flowers may work wonders.

  • With a dome, there’s a lot more drama

The dome represents timeless beauty and will provide a unique touch to your wedding mandap. Give it a new appearance with a splash of color to make everything look like a million bucks! For extra splendor, attach silver rod dangles and match them with the profusion of red blossoms. To make everything attractive, lovely, and natural, large gigantic plants may be fixed in the backdrop.

  • Fairy lights add a whimsical touch

Oh, beautiful fairytale-inspired mandap creates a wonderful environment for the vows! This sort of mandap will appear lavish and fanciful when draped in the splendor of stunning fairy lights. You may use these little beautiful fairy lights to cover the ceiling and to wrap around the pillars wrapped in flowers. Keep the lighting consistent across the venue to give it a clean look.


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