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A wedding planners guide for creating your dream wedding in T&T | Loop Cayman Islands

Planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting experiences in your life.  Yet, for many couples, the process can quickly become arduous and overwhelming.   Numerous couples find their resolve by working with a wedding planner who helps them find their path to their dream wedding (but with a lot less stress). 

Therefore, there is no better source for this information than a local wedding planner.  Tricia Ng-A-Mann, the owner and event planner behind Events by Tricia, shared some of her insights and tips for future couples:

  1.   How do I create my dream wedding?

In her initial conversation with a couple, which she terms the “kick-off call”, she aims to learn about who they are and what their story is.  More importantly, she emphasizes the need for couples to be honest with her and themselves about what they want regardless of the pressures and opinions of others, “the couple has to do a lot of soul searching and have conversations with each other.”

In this initial conversation, they can share their inspiration and look and feel but more importantly, it’s where the couple can align their ideas and thoughts into what they both want for their wedding day before getting into the details.  “Keep dreaming and I will be the voice of reason.”

  1. What are the first steps of the wedding planning process?

“First things first, select a date!” According to Tricia very little can be done if a date and a venue have not been selected and booked. 

She advises that couples select a date and then contact either their wedding planner or the venue.  Event planners also need to advise clients on their availability so selecting a date should be a priority.  Thereafter, they can contact their church, temple or mosque to verify their availability and then reac out to a reception venue. 

After these initial logistics are solidified couples can move on to the other factors such as cuisine, dress and more. 

  1. Do I need an event planner and more importantly can I afford one?

Some couples know from the onset that they need an event planner.  However, when asked if an event planner is necessary, Tricia responded by saying, she “encourages couples to do their own planning.”

In her initial consult call, she aims to find out what the couple wants and how much time they will have to plan.  After this conversation, she will recommend, which service will benefit them best. 

She offers two types of services, a wedding planning service, where she starts the planning and assistance from the inception.  As well as, a wedding coordination service, where the couple can plan their wedding and she takes over all the preparation and organizing four to six weeks before the day.  She says this is a more affordable option for some couples and helps them, “enjoy the days leading up to [their] wedding instead of feeling like [they] have to work”.  

  1.  How much is a wedding generally in Trinidad and Tobago? And how can I afford my dream wedding?

According to Tricia cost varies vastly when it comes to local weddings.  She says this is due to the variety of options and vendors available.   In her consultations with clients, Tricia asks the couples, what their “priorities” are.  This can be food, dress, photography and more. 

She will then get the quotes from the various vendors and create a pie chart so that the couple can see a visual representation of their expenses.  Through this consultation, couples can then see where they can reduce the cost to spend their money wisely and effectively. 

Wedding planners can also give couples various vendors of different prices to ensure they find a solution and alternative that they are happy with, she says, “I will not lead them down a path of disappointment.”

  1. What is your advice for the day itself?

“Have a professional at your side to deal with all the little things. Just let go, let it happen and let the professionals deal with it and make the day as memorable as possible.”

Learn more about Tricia and her company “Events by Tricia” by visiting her Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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