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5 Different ways to use potted plants for your backyard wedding

5 Different ways to use potted plants for your backyard wedding

Are you still a believer in all things green and gorgeous? Sure, the fresh dainty blooms will look elegant in a wedding venue but how about the trend of natural lush greens? Lush greens are embracing their way back into the wedding decoration with the hint of a refreshingly fresh look. Whether keeping them as the main element of your décor or incorporating them as a supplement to the pretty floras- potted plants can jazz up your wedding venue in an extremely fresh way. Not only prominent to affix a sheer natural beauty but it also bestows a fresh and energetic vibe during those big fat wedding functions (especially during summer). The eco-friendly potted plants can do a lot more than just adorning your space rightly.

Here we round up 5 unusual yet beautiful ways to introduce potted plants to your wedding décor

1. Create a tablescape

Dare to be a little different while using potted plants in your venue. If you want to uniquely adorn the surroundings of your venue and balance all the elements equally, touch up the middle of the tables nicely with potted plants that have bright hued blooms. Embracing foliage as the filler is a trick to create a soothing rustic touch. Mish-mash the scale and shape to spice up the things nicely in a greeny way. Accompany these greens with mini scented candles to augment a magical dimension to your venue.

Create a tablescape

2. A backdrop

Backdrops are the backbones of your wedding! Not only do they work perfectly to create photographs and lifetime memories but they can also shape the overall décor by adding a visual volume to it. The key to adding a new dimension to your backdrop is to take a jali with multiple pockets and add the potted plants of the same size to it. You can jumble the varieties and complement the greens with LED lights to create a surreal look. This not only livens up your wedding photos but also adds a touch of contemporary uniqueness.

3. Line up the aisle

Covering the wedding aisle with potted plants is yet another way to bring a new dimension to your décor while incorporating a touch of refreshing colour and unusual texture into the ceremony space. Play with the type of planters to affix endless interest. Consider pretty pots and different types of fresh herbs to lend a typical summer-spring vibe. 

4. The ceiling suspend

Long gone is the trend of drapes and floral beauty! Nowadays, people are shifting towards the norm of fairy lights, foliage and mirror floors to a touch of whimsy to their wedding décor. To liven up the entrance, choose coated jaali on the roof and hang the potted plants at random places for a soothing greenhouse touch. Accompany the space between plants with yellow bulbs for a much-needed dazzle and glow.

The ceiling suspend

5. Introduce an energizing touch in mandap

Shape an outstanding mandap in an eco-friendly way with lush greenery all around. You can cover pillars with potted greens and put the amalgamation of big and small potted planters here and there on every nook of the mandap for a lively energising touch. Depict an eye-catchy splendid statement by complementing the space with a big chandelier.

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